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If a company have wood or wood related business then they have to follow certain standards which are implemented by the Canadian laws. In Canada, utilization of treated wood is controlled by industry principles and by construction regulations. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) produces the O80 arrangement of gauges for treated wood. The National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) is our model construction standard, embraced or potentially altered for use by the different wards the nation over. The NBCC contains prerequisites in regards to the utilization of treated wood in structures. There are various standards related to wood which are explained as followings.

For developing standards, the standard council of Canada provides wood preservation Canadian standard which are private but not for profit.

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The standards of wood preservation are made according to the American wood protection association standards but these are modified for Canadian condition. In the Canadian pest regulatory management agency, there is the registrations of preservatives only.

According to ISO 21887, the new standards of wood preservation are revised in Canada. The new provisions of treated woods or wood related products are contained in 2008 edition.

Every product have domestic as well as international standards so there is also international standards for woods and wood related products in outside the Canada which are as followings.

There is also a wood preservatives development standards outside the Canada for Canadian.
According to secretariat of the ISO TC 165 subcommittee 1, Canadian Institute of treated woods was preserved durability, wood material and preservation.
Paul Morris (scientist of FP innovations wood preservation) was chairman of this subcommittee.

This subcommittee which was developed the IOS Standards 21887 for wood based products and for the durability of wood.

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