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Speech topic: Ridiculous emulation

Define the topic, ridiculous emulation, how social media is not real, effects it has on young people,how can we solve it.

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Look around. what do you see? Because I see teenagers on social media braging and throwing around pictures of themselves using drugs and alcohol while underage like confettie, alluding to violence and using the new hot slang abbreviations that contains absolutely no real meaning. And where do I see this? Well my friend I see it everywhere you see it.. except i chose to not ignore it.

Now social media. , noun, websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking, thats the dictionary definition. My definition, well its different more realistic if you will. Social media, the place in which activly projects unrealistic life expectations upon young people who thrive off of ridiculous emulation. As of 2015 a whopping 95% of teenagers aged 12-17 are considerable daily users of social media

In my eyes these social media sites propagate what is now accepted as the “norm” in society. Because of all this accepted behavior, we as a society are having to settle for mediocrity in all areas of our life. In my eyes these social media sites are shown as an endorsement of settling for mediocrity from a generation that should be contributing to society positively instead of ruining it. Education is constantly having to lower it’s standards to accommodate this new mediocrity. Even the most professional areas are suffering because of this acceptance. In my eyes I see this all as something that will only continue to get worse and worse because none of this behavior is monitored and instead influences other young people to engage in self destruction and destructive ways of attacking other people. There is more violence in society now, that is a given fact. There is utter disrespect for others on these social websites. In my eyes social media sites like facebook and Instagram allow young teens to glamorize behavior that threatens the very infrastructure of our society as a whole. In my eyes I see a society in which has its future generations in a state of self destruction, and I hope you all see it too.

Social media is not real. Numerous examples can back this statement up. Reality tv, Photoshop, selective bias posting (where you only see the things people want you to see and it may not be the whole story) and narrator bias (are they actually telling you the truth)
A perfect example of this isl Essena O’neil, a 19 year old online model. Essena had spent years consructing the image of a happy carefree and beautiful young woman. This young woman has decided that she wants to give up social media because it isn’t real and has stated “Social media has allowed me to profit off deluding people, and Without realising, I’ve spent majority of my teenage life being addicted to social media, social approval, social status, and my physical appearance” and lastly ” Social media, especially how I used it, isn’t real.” In one of the model’s instagram posts she wears a white gown for a formal with the captions “I didn’t pay for the dress, took countless photos trying to look hot for Instagram, the formal made me feel incredibly alone.” Now what does that tell you about the reality hidden behind selective bias posting. “If you find yourself looking at Instagram girls and wishing your life was theirs… Realise you only see what they want.”
Now, Ms O’Neill is focusing on a new project called ‘Let’s be game changers’ – where she encourages others to live a life without digital distractions.

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