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sir Issac Newtonian was the first Mathematician who described the low behavior of fluid. one of the fluid is Newtonian fluid.
In Newtonian fluid, shear stress is directly proportional to shear rate and viscosity remain constant. Its deformation over time. In other words fluid can be measured If viscosity is high or low then fluid will move slower or faster respectively.
there are so many examples of Newtonian fluid like water, mineral oil , gasoline and Alcohol.
Non-Newtonian fluid is fluid that does not depend on Newton’s law of viscosity. The relationship b/w shear stress and shear rate is non linear. The viscosity of fluid will be changed by applying the shear on non-Newtonian fluid. Non- Newtonian fluid, shear thinning are increased so viscosity decrease. shear thinning are known as pseudeoplastic. In our daily life there are so many examples of Non- Newtonian fluid like Toothpaste , ketchup , blood and cosmetic fluid

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