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‘Should everyone under the age of 17 have a 9:00 PM curfew?’
My name is Sana and I will be discussing whether there should be a curfew law for children under the age of 17. The reason why I have chosen this topic is because this is a very controversial matter that must be dealt with. The government wishes to impose this law because they believe that parents are unable to control their children and parents are not capable of managing their children.
I believe that many issues will arise if this particular issue becomes a law for instance, parents could lose more control over their kids which could result in defiant and rebellious behavior from their children. It can also create barriers within families. However, I can understand why some might want to administer a curfew law. They may deem this as a great opportunity to regain a bit of control over their misbehaving teens whilst making it easier to manage them because parents are confident that their children will be home at a certain time. In these cases I can agree why a curfew law might be a reasonable proposition.
Moreover, I can accept that parents fear their children being out late at night due to the risk of being involved in antisocial activities or being a victim of crime but according to the statistics from the U.S Department of Justice, most juvenile crimes are higher between 6:00pm and 9:00pm so a curfew order will have little, if any effect on reducing crime rates.
Another reason I believe a curfew is a preposterous idea is because a curfew is viewed as a ‘punishment’ and why should the well behaved be punished because some youngsters refuse to follow certain rules and regulations? This is an unreasonable proposal don’t you think?
Furthermore, people should take into account that children have priorities too. Some teenagers could find it difficult to maintain a job because of the curfew restrictions. This is unfair for those young people that need to do extra work and provide for their family. Also, what if they have after school activities that end late and they cannot be home at the designated time?
I personally think that a parent should decide what time their kids should be at home. I believe it should be up to the parent if they wish to enforce a curfew for their children and the law should not interfere with family matters.
Thank you, does anybody have any questions?
Q1. Why do you strongly disagree with having a curfew?
I strongly disagree with this because I firmly believe that a parent should start practicing trust in their children as they get older otherwise they could face some serious damaging aftereffects from their children such as rebellion and disrespect. In other words, I think that the negatives of having a curfew strongly outweigh the positives.

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