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Samantha Carassai
Case Study
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Trial of Casey Anthony

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If you do not know about the case and trial of Casey Anthony, then you should read about it now. This case was one of the most frustrating to the public eye and one that truly had captured the heart of hundreds of thousands of people headlining almost anywhere you’d look. Casey Anthony, circa 2008 when she was only turning 23 years old, was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. It all leads back to the roots of this case which involve the common ground between being a responsible parent, and the life hat Casey wanted for herself; which did not include a child. It was apparent that Casey Anthony had no intentions of being a mother to her daughter due to her constant partying, disappearing for several days, and quick willingness to hand her child over to be in the care of others. I am going to display a timeline of events which took place dating back to the beginning of Caylee’s disappearance, to the ending results of Casey Anthony’s well over-done trial.
Let us take it back to 2008.


Timeline: The Casey Anthony Saga, Spanning Three Years, Comes to a Close

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