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Assignment #2: Annotated Bibliography
Student’s Name:
Roanecia Reid
Course Title (Course Code):Critical Reading and Writing in Science and Technology and Medical Sciences (FOUN1014)
Instructor’s Name:
Ms. Nekiesha Reid
October 10, 2018
UWI, Mona
Narrowed Topic: Reasons the excessive use of smartphones cause health complications.

Research Question: Why does the excessive use of smartphones cause health complications?
Naeem, Z. (2014) . Health risks associated with mobile phones use. International Journal of Health Sciences (Quassim). Retrieved from’s purpose was to explain to an audience with basic knowledge in health sciences, how the excessive use of mobile phones exposes the user to a form of radiation which can be absorbed by tissues close to the phone and this may lead to adverse health risks such as changes in the brain activity, reaction time and sleep patterns. The article is relevant as it provides sufficient evidence of why and how excessive use of smartphones may cause health complications.

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The article is credible as the author holds many degrees in areas related to the topic and also because the journal is a scientific publication by Qassim University. The article is also reliable because the publication is only four years old.

The author used a formal and jargonized language to achieve his purpose of explaining how the excessive use of mobile phones may cause adverse health effects to readers with basic knowledge of health sciences. Carcinogenic, glioma and meningioma are some jargons present in the article.

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