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Rite of passage is a ritual that serves to mark the movement and transformation of an individual from one social position to another. It usually involves ritual activities and teachings designed to strip individuals of their original roles and prepare them for new roles. Victor Turner identified three stages in the rite of passage. The first stage is the separation period. During this period, the ritual passenger leaves behind the symbols and practices of his or her previous position. The second stage is the transition period. At this stage, the ritual passenger is neither in the old life nor yet in the new one. This period is marked by rolelessness, ambiguity, and perceived danger. The last stage identified by Victor Turner is the reaggregation stage. Here, the ritual passenger is reintroduced into society in his or her new position.
One life experience I went through that changed my life was joining the military. Then, I didn’t know I was going through the rite of passage as identified by Turner. It started with me leaving my family, friends and the lifestyle I used to have behind (separation stage). Then I got to boot camp and all of a sudden I started hearing screams and yelling telling me not to do so many things. During this transitioning (not yet soldiers but no longer civilians) I was taught the lifestyle of a soldier. Then at the reaggregation stage for me, I graduated from basic training and got stationed back in my area, this time, as a member of the armed forces (A new person).

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