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The study conducted by 41 proposed architecture of a farm management system using characteristics of internet which focuses on procedure of farming and mechanisms to exchange the information among stakeholders. Further, this architecture describes the method for better management of only some of the tasks of farmers without using the autonomic concept. Ranya et al. 42 presented ALSE (Agriculture Land Suitability Evaluator) to study various types of land to find the appropriate land for different types of crops by analyzing geo-environmental factors. ALSE used GIS (Global Information System) capabilities to evaluate land using local environment conditions through digital map and based on this information decisions can be made. Raimo et al. 43 proposed FMIS (Farm Management Information System) used to find the precision agriculture requirements for information systems through web-based approach. Author identified the management of GIS data is a key requirement of precision agriculture. Sorensen et al. 44 studied the FMIS to analyze dynamic needs of farmers to improve decision processes and their corresponding functionalities. Further, they reported that identification of process used for initial analysis of user needs is mandatory for actual design of FMIS. Zhao 45 presented an analysis of web-based agricultural information systems and identified various challenges and issues still pending in these systems.

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