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Reflection paper on “How and how not to Love Mankind”
“How and how not to love mankind” is an article written by Theodore Dalrymple to describe the wickedness and kindness of human being. The article presents the work of two important authors of the nineteenth century, Karl Marx and Ivan Turgenev, who perceived human beings and their behaviors from a different perspective. In Turgenev views, “human beings are individuals who possess different character such as feelings, pains, moral and immoral behavior, strengths and weaknesse. Whereas, Karl Marx perceive humans as instances of general forces, subject to be ruled or controlled. According to writer, Karl Marx categorized humans in various classes because he believes some human are inferior to others and they are bound to be ruled by their superiors. Marx also believes that poor people should not be allowed to participate in the politics of the society.
The author mainly argued that most people often pretend and claim they love and care for others whereas, that is not always true. Loving mankind is an act that must be done with sincerity and the pure heart, regardless of where the person comes from, how they look, what they believe in, and what color of skin they have. According to the writer, “love is the greatest ingredients that bring the world together. Apart from citing enough reason why humans should love and care for one another, the writer also supported his point by narrating the story of “Mumu” which was written by Turgenev and “Manifesto”, which was also written by Karl Max. As the writer narrated, the story of “Mumu”, presents an unconditional love that played out between man and animal. The story explains the two sides of human nature as a wicked and cruel being, and as a kind, sympathetic and forgiving being. According to the story, the landowner is depicted as a cruel and wicked woman because she hijacked Tatyana from Gerasim and directed him to kill the little innocent dog. However, Gerasim sympathized with the poor little creature (dog) and displayed kindness towards the dog by saving his life. The Mumu story is very interesting because it is filled with love and compassion for the poor and less privileged in our society. Also, the story shows the true love that played out between Gerasim and the little creature (dog). Although the “Mumu” story did not relate the cruelness of the landowner to politics, however, it shows the wicked nature of man towards another man. Furthermore, the story Mumu story stands out against serfdom, because the writer believes that humans will live in peace and harmony without harboring evil in their mind.
In the story of Manifesto, the writer narrates how humans can perpetrate evil against their fellow humans. He gave the example of discrimination, anger, hatred, and disrespect for one another. The writer argued that the poor and less privileged are often subjected to discrimination, hatred, and neglect. while the rich benefits often benefit from all the good things in the society. According to the writer, Marx ideology gave birth to Marxism theory. “A socioeconomic analysis that promotes capitalism through the form of exploitation by analyzing the class relations and social conflict through the use of material interpretation”.
Although Karl Marx did not mention any individual or group of individuals in his Manifesto. However, he stated that “In a bourgeois society, capital is independent and has individuality, whereas the living person is dependent and has no individuality.” I believe he is referring to certain individuals in the society, which he perceives as proletarians and dictators. With reference to Karl Marx ideology, I believe every human being should be giving the same treatment irrespective of where they come from. Also, Karl Marx was hated by many because he is often seen as an opposer to the wellbeing of an ordinary man.
Contrary to Marx’s believe, the writer narrated how some lepers mock and laugh at the lunatics as they were let out to perform their exercise. He also stated that they performed strange dance steps and shouted at an unseen persecutor in a psychiatric hospital without knowing they were also sick. Furthermore, the writer claimed that very few people attended Marx’s burial. However, several others who benefited from his thought and influence upon their lives mourned his death. On the other hand, the writer stated that Turgenev was highly respected and loved by the people because he expresses his ideology in literature rather than in political and philosophical pamphlets. And when he was dead, thousands of people turned out to pay their last respects because he was viewed as a kind person who always stood his grounds for the less privileged.
In conclusion, Theodore Dalrymple’s article on how and how not to love mankind has truly changed my perception towards my fellow human. It has motivated me to start loving and treating another human with love and respect, regardless of where they come from. To love mankind is when we care for their needs without thinking of what we will get in return. Therefore, I believe that when we extend an unconditional love towards our fellow human, we might save a soul from either dying of hunger and starvation or protect them from political violence and discrimination. Without segregation, political differences, gender discrimination, and racism, I also believe that service to humanity should be done with absolute Genuity, and purity. I believe that if our leader relinquishes power as at when due, their subordinates won’t think or plan to forcefully remove them from office. Furthermore, I believe that rendering services to humanity show the individual has the love and fear of God at heart. this is because a selfless service for the cause of humanity is as important as worshiping God. Finally, knowing that our society is full of hatred, greed, and lack of trust, I think if humans learn to love, tolerate and respect each other, they will build a strong bond among themselves and make the world a safe and better place to live.

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