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Reflection Paper 1
I understand that every individual has the possibility of a dream job in their brain and that encourages them to develop and build towards their job. I plan to accomplish what I need to. I strive for betterment at my work constantly and that is the main force that supports us in leading ahead towards victory. I may experience several challenges that may influence the way I do certain things yet I need to defeat those and develop victorious too. If I working on my dream job, I will take things on a larger note as I realize that it is something that I dreamed of and seeking the same. I understand that job satisfaction is the satisfaction or the level of joy a worker feels about completing a job or about their work which massively influences their certainty levels and shows in their execution. Job satisfaction is profoundly reliant on the way in which the administration treats its workers. It is hard to quantify job satisfaction as it is various for every individuals.
If I need to talk about job satisfaction, I might want to specify that it depends a great deal on how people consider their job and how they are compensated for the same. Compensation doesn’t mean just the pay and perks, challenges at the job and the circumstances that contribute towards the same. There are people who are satisfied with being a typical worker and there are likewise representatives who are not satisfied as the General Manager of an association. It is about the process we expect things from our job that makes us satisfied or not satisfied. The job satisfaction is straightforwardly corresponding to inspiration. Inspiration comes when a representative or an individual has done the job well and has been valued by the administration or supervisor. Additionally, if the individual is compensated with a price or bonus is likewise satisfaction for a person.

Theory of Job satisfaction: Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory: There are different theories that help the idea of job satisfaction and it fluctuates in view of the necessities and requirements, if we take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we will see that there are different sorts of necessities and satisfaction of them will guarantee that the individual is satisfied or not on account of if every one of these necessities are satisfied by the association or work that they are engaged. This resembles that the worker is tending to express his fulfilled. This level of satisfaction changes and is not quite the same as one individual to another.
This theory lays accentuation on five phases of human needs which are physiological requirements, protection, belongingness, respect, and self-actualization. These are needs that are determined through a hierarchy of command where the most fundamental needs which involve physiological requirements which recommend necessities are most imperative, next it is protection and belongingness which are commonly essential. After that point onward, it focuses on extra requirements for inspiration like respect and self-actualization which can be determined subsequent to satisfying to the fundamental needs.
There are numerous antecedents which are attributed to the job satisfaction like the task attributes, social data handling and dispositional points of view. Every one of these antecedents are said to promote job satisfaction in the representatives. For any individual if he takes the task appears to be challenging, then they will discover satisfaction in accomplishing the task by fulfilling them. The significant outcomes of job satisfaction are better execution, coordination and higher profitability inside the association as the job satisfaction is specifically connected with the performance of a representative. Satisfaction for the job predicts performance up to a reasonable degree as performance has been observed to be straightforwardly relative to job satisfaction in numerous studies.

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