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Question 1: Why is operations management important in CDS?
Answer: According to my view, Operations management is one of the important aspect in many industries. It is the activity of managing the resources and useful in delivering of the product. It uses the resources of the organization to form outputs which fulfill the markets requirement. Concept Design Services have large number of departments like designing, manufacturing and sales etc. Concept Design Services should make proper use of the resources and ensure that it ultimately results in company’s profit.

Question 2 :Question 3. What would you recommend to the company if they asked you to advise them in improving their operations?
Answer: According to my view, as there have been few problems going on in the companies like the company is unable to stick to its schedule and due to this the plant utilization has gone down as high variety of complex products are being I would recommend the company to properly make the schedule to achieve high plant utilization.

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Secondly there has been problems about sales forecasting. There are always changes in the schedule of the production and distribution every week as the schedule changes as more orders are received from customer weekend sales. I would recommend the company to carry out the rough estimates of all these unexpected orders for the first and then based on that design the schedule for the upcoming weeks. As proper forecasting of sales would result in high utilization as well as better customer service.

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