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Quasar Communications Inc. (QCI), is a division of a communications company whereby the project managers from different divisions are faced with different problems. Since the company adopted the traditional organisation structure in 1986, the line managers were resistant to change to a formalised project management structure, which made the project managers to have little authority and control over the projects and many responsibilities while giving line managers recognition of authority.
As Patrick (2003:19) mentions, resistance to change is often caused by people who may feel that the proposed change may break the stability of a working environment and create a climate of uncertainty and ambiguity, while some employees may seek to retain the status quo which from the case study the line managers did not want the change of the organisational structure as they probably felt that the authority relationships would be redefined and Project managers would then have full responsibilities on the projects. This has caused additional problems such as communication breakdown and a poor project integration management system between the different departments, lack of project prioritisation, time management and inadequate management of human resources.

In 1989 due to the growth of QCI and the increase in demand by clients they created an informal project management structure which caused the problems they face, such as the lack of planning and coordination of the different projects that are executed within the company as well as the integration of the projects with different departments from top management department of projects to tackle their projects through a strong matrix structure. Another cause of their challenges is Poor Communication, this happens when there is no information sharing amongst team members and some are not aware of what is happening.

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After the analysis conducted, as a primary solution it is recommended that QCI maintains a strong matrix organisational structure, this will allow the Project Manager to be recognised and have full authority and control of the projects. A formation of the Project management office (PMO) will assist the company in (1) implementing a culture in projects that will reduce resistance within the organisation, (2) Management of stakeholders to ensure the suitability of the project managers and team effectiveness in all divisions, (3) Prioritising projects and a better approach in resource allocations, (4) Standardising project management methodologies that defines the scope, time and cost (5) Create working relationships that allow optimal use of resources.

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