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Psychological barriers are mind-associated problems that keep you from reaching a solution, obtaining a goal, establishing positive relationships or taking a step toward finding a new job or starting college etc. Therefore, understanding what these issues are will help you on your journey to overcome intangible fears and frustrations. People who are going through a difficult time may not want to communicate if they feel distressed or down. This may lead them to avoid communication with people for a number of reasons
A person’s self-esteem may discourage them from communicating with people and prevent them from taking part in-group activities. Some factors, which may contribute to a low self-esteem, may be fear and anxiety, low self- concept, depression or panic attacks. People who suffers from a low self- esteem may shut themselves out and avoid communicating with people all together.
Dealing with a disabled person who communicates in different ways
People suffering with physical disabilities may face physical barriers, which may relate to hearing, eyesight, difficulty walking or movement of the limbs. These barriers may be overcome by using pictures to express words, Makaton, or braille for visually impaired individuals or people with impaired hearing.

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