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Previous studies have implicated copying strategies of 3 tier shift work as a noteworthy source of study. Buxton, 2003 states that a three tier shift is a shift schedule that has a seven day working week from Monday to Sunday, the 24 hour cover being provided by three crews. Shift changeover times happen around 06.00, 14.00, and 22.00 hours between the crew members. More so shift changes occur every one or two days. That is the continuous change of shift schedules in one or every two days in 3 tier shift makes it necessary to study the copying strategies used by employees. This is because the human body has its own clock known as the circadian rhythm which tells the body what to do at certain times internally. So when an employee is engaged in 3 tier shift he or she opposes the circadian rhythm. As a result of this the researcher therefore identified that depression, social isolation and up to 3% chance in errors that happen during working hours can result from poor copying strategies used by employees to counter the psycho-social effects of 3 tier shift work. This then makes the issue in question to be do the employees at Delta Lagers have copying strategies and if they have how effective are they? The above problems make it worthwhile to look into the copying strategies used by employees on 3 tier shift work at Delta Lagers. Ever since the invention of the electric light people have worked overnight without employers looking into the copying strategies of such adverse work.

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