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Postsynthetic modification (PSM) is a powerful synthetic approach in accordance in tuning materials purposefully after synthesis, both through changing the metal ions, ligands or including purposeful organizations to the linker barring essentially changing measurement and structural homes of materials 18. As an end result of their satisfactory and huge chemical variety, PSM is performed dense instances for Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), to boost diaphanous porous materials such as favored properties. This strategy is very necessary in development and enhancement of several hybrid solids and it is extensively applicable. This is accomplished through way of incorporation of a performance crew on the organic linkers or by means of altering the metal-ions. In many situations the direct synthesis concerning MOFs together with appreciated functionality is challenging to perform 19. This can bear many reasons like restrained solubility and stability, the appreciated geometry on the metal-ion and linkers or the preferred specific functional cluster will avert the formation of the detailed shape 20. Postsynthetic modification (PSM) is properly known to help in designing the desired MOFs for one-of-a-kind applications

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