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poor direction planning, lack of information about compilation schedule (Hazraand Goel, 2009), insufficient communications (Moghadam et al., 2009), poor roads and number of vehicles for waste collection(Henry et al., 2006).
Organizing the informal sector and promoting micro-enterprises were mentioned by Shar holy et al. (2008) as effective ways of extending affordable waste collection services.
Lack of knowledge of action systems by establishment is reported as one factor affecting the treatment of waste (Chung andLo, 2008).Tadesse et al. (2008) analyzed the factors that influence household waste disposal decision making. Results showed that the supply of waste facilities significantly affects waste disposal choice.

Inadequate supply of waste containers and longer distance to these containers increase the probability of waste dumping in open areas and roadsides relative to the use of communal containers. Insufficient financial resources limiting the safe disposal of waste in well equipped and engineered landfills and absence of legislation are mentioned by Pokhrel and Viraraghavan (2005).
High disposal pricing has the effect of more recovery of waste generated, that goes to the value chains or beneficial reuse of waste .In relation to recycling Gonzalez-Torre and Adenso-Diaz (2005) reported that social influences selfless and regulatory factors are some of the reasons why certain communities develop strong recycling habits. The authors also showed that people who frequently go to the bins to dispose of general refuse are more likely to recycle some product at home, and in most cases, as the distance to their cycling bins decreases, the number of fractions that citizens separate and collect at home increases.
Minghua et al. (2009) stated that in order to increase recycling rates, the government should encourage markets for recycled materials and increasing professionalism in recycling companies. Other factors mentioned by other scholars are financial support for recycling projects and infrastructures (Nissim et al., 2005), recycling companies in the country (Henry et al., 2006),
Waste problems exist wherever there is a human population. The problems vary from one place to another, and with time as society’s attitudinal development. Although they may first appear to be local issues, the scope and extent of these harms are increasing as population density and standards of living increase. The time is past when waste management could be considered in separation. Environmental, technological and financial factors all have some

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