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Planetary boundary layer (PBL) is the lower most part of the atmosphere and its behaviour is directly influenced by its contact with a planetary surface. PBL plays an important role various fields like weather and climate forecasting, hydrology, argiculture, aeronautical meteorology in many aspects (Garratt 1994). PBL contributes a major role for the addition of water vapour into the atmosphere and durianal variation of meteorological parameters at tropical region and extratropical region. It is possible due to the turbulent exchanges,convective activities and static instability of the atmosphere (Asnani 1993). The impact of sub-grid scale turbulent motions over a larger domain on the variables like potential temperature, humidity mixing ratio and wind etc. during simulation by NWP model in a regional scale can be represented by PBL parameterization (Cuchiara et al. 2014).

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