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Politically Dubai is one of the numerous nations that has a stable political background, each different in the United Arabic emirates has their own independent government “each kingdom of the United Arab Emirates has its own government with main functions such as commercial activity regulation and natural resources management and every 5 years, there is a presidential decision of the Federation is held by the Supreme Council” (DeNicola, 2005). Dubai is also one of the secured and safest places in the United Arabic Emirates to visit where there is less terrorist activities occurs compared to the other United Arabic state and this is due to the advancement of security system in Airports.
Economically Dubai is one of the financially stable cities due to its natural resources ,” and In Dubai’s economy, the main income sources is taken from public facilities, oil, express possess undertakings, rent of government-claimed lodging and property and people in general division is a high income generator(Hvidt, 2007)”. Another financial factor is that Dubai rehearses Open and Free Economic System and this pulls in a great deal of outside private sectors and business “Government control and regulation which keeps private sector activities to its lowest. There are no immediate assessments on corporate benefits or individual wage (with the exception of oil organizations that compensation a level rate of 55% and parts of outside banks that compensation a level rate of 20% on net benefit produced inside Dubai). Traditions obligations are low at 4% with numerous exclusions, 100% repatriation of capital and benefits is allowed, there are no outside trade controls, exchange portions or hindrances and a steady conversion scale exists between the US Dollar and the UAE Dirham (US$1.00=AED 3.678)” (, 2018).

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Social factor, limited interactions with the locals due to cultural practices and belief “Guests to Dubai should dress unassumingly, especially in moderate territories and open spots. Swimwear is adequate at the shoreline or around the swimming pool; however guests should conceal somewhere else. Shorts and T-shirts are reasonable clothing in numerous spots, in spite of the fact that when visiting mosques, religious destinations or more established parts of the city, the two people should wear baggy garments that cover shoulders, arms and legs. Ladies will for the most part be required to wear a headscarf when entering mosques “(, 2018)”. Another social factor is Globalization; Dubai is one of the leading markets in term of trade which makes “the UAE has certain fundamental strengths. Its significant part as a center for trade is one of them. While some say, globalization has made the world flat, geography still matters: the UAE’s location between major markets in Europe and Asia will serve it well if it continues to build the infrastructure that allows it to serve as a link between them, (, 2018).

Technological factor, E-government was established in Dubai in the year 2000 and has been practiced till today, and it was established to assist new industries and individuals “Dubai Government giving its administrations through customary means. Organizations and people needed to apply for taxpayer supported organizations by accumulating and presenting an arrangement of archives to one or different government divisions which frequently brought about postponements and dissatisfactions for the clients. Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish its vision of turning into a main business center, Dubai Government chose to use on ICT framework to improve its directions and administrations. Subsequently, Dubai Government declared a vital activity called “Dubai e-Government” in year 2000 with the mission of “accomplishing a virtual government through provisioning of superb client centered e-Services for people, organizations, and government divisions”. The underlying focus to direct proficiently and viably 70% of all taxpayer driven organizations through imaginative channels by 2005 was likewise set in April 2000″ ((E-government Implementation: A Case Study of Dubai e-Government, 2008). Dubai also has high speed internet connection in the city “Emirati users enjoy a robust ICT infrastructure and high connection speeds” ((, 2018).

Environmental factors, one of the environmental factor faced by Dubai is climate change and its affecting not only Dubai but also the rest of the Arabic state, affecting their environment, their daily lives etc., “climate change in Dubai are likely to be felt most severely in coastal zones, where marine habitats will suffer from rising water temperatures and salinity, whereas infrastructure will be tested by storm surges and sea level rise. Other risks include weakened food security and health damages from extreme weather events” ((, 2018). Another environmental factor Dubai has is that they practice sustainability in almost all aspects of industry that exist not only in Dubai but also in the other existing states in the UAE for example, “reducing fossil fuel consumption, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture and fishing, emissions and reducing deforestation, recycling, improved waste management, organic farming and tree planting “(, 2018).

Legal Factors, Dubai has its own independent Judicial system “There are three primary sources of UAE law, namely federal laws and decrees (applicable in all emirates), local laws (laws and regulations enacted by the individual emirates), and Sharia’h (Islamic law)” (, 2018). Dubai also enforces individual human rights for example “The UAE embraces human rights in line with Islamic law, which is the main source of legislation in the UAE. It is guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was issued by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948. The Constitution of the UAE stipulates that all people, irrespective of their races, nationalities, religions and social positions, are equal before the law. It guarantees human rights, prohibits all forms of torture and degrading treatment and allows arrests, searches, attachments, imprisonments and unauthorized entries only in accordance with the provisions of the law (, 2018) (2018). The Initiative – Dubai Sustainable Tourism. online Available at: Accessed 18 Sep. 2018 .(2018).Knowing social etiquette and culture in Dubai. Online Available at: Accessed 14 Sep. 2018.

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