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Persepolis Essay
Persepolis demonstrate both personal troubles and public issues which are brought out through the features and structures of the text. Being that Persepolis is a comic, some pictures were bigger than others and some stood out more than others. The way the book was illustrated has to do with a big part of the text structure. Text features are used to help readers understand what they’re reading, which happened to form text structures. It allows readers to comprehend what they’re reading and pick out the most important parts of a text. Some forms of text features are illustrations which in this case is how the author illustrated the comics and how they use captions to let the readers know what was going on in each picture. On the other hand text structures are look at a bit differently from text features. it is the way and author puts things together with information throughout the text. Some text structures are the problem, cause-and-effect, and the time order things happen. Sequence is an important form of text structure and all of these things are what actually builds a text. The way a lot if things happened throughout the story shows that Both text pictures and text features are very important throughout it. They display an image that shows readers exactly what went on throughout Persepolis.
Marjane Satrapi is the protagonist throughout the story and she’s going through a rough time being that her country has a lot going on. Living in Iran at her age was nowhere near easy, especially because her father was a part of the war. There were times when she believed her father was dead when he came home late from work which isn’t something a normal child with think would be okay with. Marjane’s mother and father were big in the field of political protesting which they often attended meetings. She was so used to what was going on around her and even in school she realize that what they were teaching her was completely false. She was so smart for her age and many people didn’t realize how much she actually knew. It was normal when she came from for bombs to just fall out of nowhere killing innocent people for no apparent reason. It caused many deaths of people in her family and even friends. Her parents realize that it was in a place where they should raise their child and sooner or later she was sent to Vienna. The text structures make the text features occur throughout the book. When describing the war and what went on, the text features was much more detailed in the comic because the illustrator tried to convey an image to readers. The bigger boxes with comics in it, drew the attention of readers which made it much easier to understand.
The war was a major issue in Iran which was implied to text structures in Persepolis. This is considered to be a problem which falls under the category of text structures causing conflict throughout the comic. Personal troubles are later turned into public issues throughout the book as well. However these troubles are highlighted throughout the text which makes it turn into public issues. A personal trouble was that the environment of Iran wasn’t safe enough for Marjane and it is what caused her parents to send her to Vienna in the first place. The war zone wasn’t the best place to raise your children being that it wasn’t safe. This later on turned into a public issue because it caused to death of many others who she close with which were both friends and family members. It was then realized that Iran wasn’t safe and that Marjane had to get out of Iran as soon as possible.
Many different issues are displayed throughout the book and one issue was wearing the veil. Women in Iran were forced to wear the veil even if they weren’t religious. Marjane was affected by this public issue because she felt as though her mother didn’t need to wear it. Her mother was against being forced to wear the veil and it cause some conflict in the novel. One thing that happened was that her mother is photo was taken and she was forced to die her hair because she didn’t wear her veil. The veil was worn to protect woman from being recognized and being that her mother didn’t wear the veil she was bound to get recognized if she didn’t die her hair a different color. Marjane wanted to be a prophet and though her mother didn’t believe in wearing the veil, she didn’t know if it was required or not. Later in the novel, she admitted, ” I didn’t know what to think about the veil deep down I was very religious but as a family we were very modern and avant-garde” (Satrapi 7). The veil however wasn’t the only public issue that occurred in the novel.
Mehri was Marjane’s nanny in the novel which was actually considered her older sister. They were of different classes however which actually cause complications leading to public issues. Mehri fell in love with the neighbor and he started to write her letters. Being up a different class she didn’t really understand what the letter said and she didn’t know how to write. Marjane being the youngest sister helped her out and would write letters back to him. This happened for half a year before Marjane’s father found out which caused a lot to fail. Marjan’s parents were very big on social class and the neighbor Hossein, whom Mehri fell in love with didn’t even know what class Mehri was in. He assumed that she was of the same class or Marjane and her family, being that they lived together. Social class is considered a big public issue and it differentiates people even if they are the same. To Marjane, it was a personal trouble because she didn’t understand why her parents felt so strongly on the social class issue. Mehri was looked at as a big sister to her and Marjane felt like her parents should look at Mehri the same way they looked at her. Marjane also admitted, “But it’s her fault she was born where she was born?” (Satrapi 34).
Personal troubles can later on floors into public issues and the weight a child is brought up can affect them both physically and mentally. Children are much smarter than they appear and instead of being hidden from something in this novel Marjane was actually taught about it. She understood that her can she had many issues and the way her parents brought her up made her have her own voice. She stood for what she believed in and didn’t make anyone else have a voice for her. In school when they taught her something that she knew was incorrect she let the teacher now. This caused her to later on get expelled because the teachers were trying to hide reality. They didn’t want all of the students to know what was going on in Iran, but Marjane was already exposed to it. It’s where her father was station and she knew exactly what was going on being there her family was much into what he was doing.

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