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Perkasa has been opposing the UEC that is accepted in other universities abroad but not in Malaysia. They argued that the syllabus would not only have a bad impact on national unity but would also threaten the nation’s sovereignty.
Sirajudin claimed that the Unified Education Certification (UEC) was against the Federal Constitution, that can be seen in Article 152(1), Bahasa Malaysia shall be the national language. It is against the Federal Constitution because the UEC curriculum is in Mandarin.

He added that the use of Mandarin was also contradict to the national education policy, as seen in the Education Act 1996 which requires everyone to use Bahasa Malaysia as the method of instruction.
Sirajudin also said that, it would be unreasonable and pointless to abandon our national education policy, which had existed since independence day, for the sake of political and racial interests as well as votes.

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