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An Organisation may be defined as a collective and specific group of people put together to perform, accomplish or achieve a common goal.
Organisation according to Knootz and O’donnell is the establishment of authority relationships with provision for co-ordination between them both vertically and horizontally in the enterprise structure.
A goal may be defined as something an organistion wishes to accomplish, it’s important to set goals because goal setting helps to give direction and purpose to an organistion.
Goals are part of the planning process it might pertain to the company, departments or individual employees. It is used to create teamwork and helps the business describe where it wants to be in the future, it helps everyone to understand what the organisation is trying to achieve.
Objectives are the necessary plans created and put in place or put into action by an organistion to achieve its goals.
Objectives play a large part in ensuring a bussiness achieve its goals, it helps to develop organisational policies and determines allocation of organistional resources.

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