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One of the primary things individual do when they feel a connection or chemistry between each other is by getting married. Marriage is a legal or a formally recognised union of two people known as partner in a personal relationship. Sadly, certain couples are unable to maintain their relationship, which resulted in getting a divorce. Divorce is a legal dissolution of a marriage by a court. Despite the fact that people usually think throughly before getting married, the rate of divorce is consistently rising day by day. According to Judiciary Department Malaysia ( As cited in Lyn. B .S, 2014 ), the quantity of Muslim couples getting separated rised by 2 to 3 times from 20,916 in 2004 to 47,740 in 2012 and to 49,311 in 2017. There are some causes of divorce in a marriage which are financial difficulties, lack of communication and abusive relationship
Firstly is due to financial difficulties. Many people have pressure to earn money. Sometimes they find it awkward to discuss about financial matters with anyone, even with their partner. Along this line, if the person is experiencing financial inconvenient, it will cause the person a lot of stress which leads to further problems in their relationship such as having difficulties to pay house rental and more. This will cause harm to their relationship if this financial issues keeps on going for a several years. The marriage might end up due to the difficulties of finding money to support their marriage life. ( Dora and Abd Halim, 2011) it is found that the highest mean score of divorce (3.8) is cause by financial.
Secondly is due to lack of communications in a marriage. Marriage without communication is unsuitable. The couple will not be able to determined what their partner feelings and emotions. They will also not be able to exchange thoughts with each other. The couple might find that they are not really mindful of making each other a priority. According to Yellin ( as cited in Franklin. E. G, 2018 ) an ongoing review demonstrates that lack of communication are a main source of separation in the US. The less you communicate with your partner, the more emotionally distance you will become, this is why communication is important because talking is how you connect. At the point where there is an absent of correspondence in a marriage, love will likewise start to fade.
Lastly due to abusive relationship. Abuse in a marriage might be physical, emotional, verbal, and economic. Physical abuse, otherwise called aggressive behaviour at home, is clearer as it includes the punishment of physical agony, for example, hitting, pushing, grabbing and more. Despite what might be expected, psychological mistreatment is regularly very unpretentious. This abuse happens when your partner has you extremelty cautious. According to Telenisa ( as cited in Lyn. B .S, 2017 ) more muslim ladies are divorcing from their husbands due to abusive behaviour at home.

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