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Nirajan Adhikari
English 1302
Prof. C. Robinson
12th October 2018
In America, Life has always been Complicated for the African American people. The tradition of judging people on the basis of their Skin Color hasn’t come to an end. Still Many white people don’t accept the contribution which black people have given to their nation. In the same Case, there are two lady; Salena Williams and Althea Gibson, who proved entire world that they are best and burn haters by reaching to the peak of their Success. Although they didn’t receive love and support from white People, they are still recognized as a source of Inspiration and hope to every sports man. Indeed, Serena Williams and Althea Gibson are two exemplary figure which i want to compare as a successful people because they overcame the struggles of living in poverty, became victims of Racism,  faced hard times each and every day, and became two of the most successful African-American people of all time. 
Black African American 
          To begin, The Most obvious point to Compare between Serena Williams and Althea Gibson is both were black women in the world of tennis, trying to show everyone that African American women can play tennis with grace and etiquette. Both women had people who would doubt their abilities to play tennis based on their race and that is a good example of how they are like each other. Serena just as Gibson is one of the best African American tennis players although unlike Gibson, Williams was able to make a career out of playing the sport she loves. Williams although would of probably not been able to play if it was not for Gibson’s passion for the sport in order to break the stereotype that tennis was only a “white” people sport. In 2018, Serena was drug tested twice as much as American women players. Serena also was deemed and body shamed it was even said that she was born a man. When she became mother , many people believed that the Selena Williams carrier went over and they believed she couldn’t give more time to her work because she have to look after her small daughter. Even her coach admitted her to stop breast feeding to her daughter. Being as a mother, Serena thought she wouldn’t be a successful player as she used to be a professional player before giving birth to her child. She also had to face extreme racial biases whenever she was chosen to be one of the players during league games. But she didn’t lose her hope and dedication towards her work. On the other hand, Gibson experienced her fair share of racism while she was training in with her coach. Both faced exceptional amounts of threats and violence against them wherever they traveled, but manage to overcome their hardships and allow their athletic abilities speak for themselves. Both reached the prime of their athletic careers.    
Never lose Hope !!
Next,  The best Character that Serena Williams had similar to Althea Gibson is the temperament she had the fire, the passion, the laser focus, the take no prisoners approach. Serena was raised in suburb where Gibson was raised more on the streets creating her person to be more aggressive. Gibson had also experienced more hatred than Williams due to the fact that at the time people were still having a hard time to accept the racial segregation was coming to an end. Although both were regarded as the successful people in the world tennis history, they aren’t treated same as the men who had the same amount of success in their life. The American tennis establishment still has the attitude that the “whiteness” is better. Althea and Serena had some troubled times during their professional career like sexism and racism. In 1950 Althea was the first black person allowed to play tennis professionally and because segregation existed at the time there were always if’s and but’s about it. At one point Althea had to undergo a chromosome test to prove she was not a man . Being an African American, Gibson was not even allowed to compete against white opponents, but her successful challenge to the United States Lawn Tennis Association’s bar on black players paved the way for men and women of her color, including Arthur Ashe, Mali VI Washington, Zina Garrison and the Williams sisters. Both, Gibson and Serena also had advocates within the game as both progressed from playing in local and regional Tournaments and won big Championship Tournaments. They both Showed the incredible resilience and  power of will to the world.

Source Of Inspiration.

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Furthermore, They both are very inspirational role models in the athletic world and show great ambitions. Their road to Success was never easy but difficult and the challenging one. They both went on to have great successes in their same fields. Although, they were talented by birth, it had always been a great challenge for both of them to show it to the outside world. Although they were best at their performance, still they were judged by their skin colors by the “white people” time and again. Serena has had opportunities outside tennis that Althea could not have imagined and vice-versa. Althea did not care about race despite the gravitational pull of the civil rights movement of the 1950s; she preferred to let her tennis triumph do her talking. When Serena cares about her legacy and cares to acknowledge the importance of the footsteps she had gone through and also her determination to leave footprints of her own. Both work hard and did lots of sacrifices in their life to be one of the best successful players in the world. Many people tried to interfer in their social life and distract them but their passion for tennis never stopped. To Everyone , Both are recognized as an example of an inspiration because of what they were able to do despite facing difficulties in their lives. 


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