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Nike has an employee network called NikeUNITED, which is a collection of employee resource groups that stand for the diversity of the employees (Nike Inc, 2018). These networks serve to deliver career development experiences, increase cultural awareness and illustrate the commitment of Nike to diversity and inclusion in the communities where they live and work. NIKE has eight employee-formed and managed communities. Nike was performed well when they are maintaining their organisational culture and managing their diverse workforce as well as utilise diversity to improve problem-solving and drive innovation.
Even though Nike has conducted much innovation within organisation and its products, however, it also faced the challenge in the marketplace. In the beginning, Nike was start up their business with only sold footwear, over time, Nike started to innovate on their products become more varied products in the marketplace. So it came out the problem in the industry. Nike has long been viewed as immune to compete of the apparel industry, but the sectors still slumping and most of the consumers unwilling to spend money on apparel (Schlossberg, 2016). Therefore, Nike faces the challenge which needs to innovate its products to attract customers to purchase its products.

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