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Velasco, Daphne Angelie S.

This paper focuses on the point of view of the society about what nationalism is, if this is important or not, it’s positive and negative effects, and the modern-ways of expressing nationalism.
Nationalism can be defined as the belief of a group of people united together by their race, religion, living in the same neighborhood or territory, same language, and same economy, a common history and a common ideal for the future. Nationalism in the Philippines
Example of nationalism in the philsMETHOD
This paper will focus on the perspective of the society about the positive and negative effects of nationalism, and how to express nationalism in the modern days. The method that has been utilized is descriptive interview method. The researcher interviewed ten (10) respondents. This paper is intended to answer the following questions:
What is Nationalism?
Is Nationalism important? Why or why not?
What is the positive and negative effects of nationalism?
Do you consider yourself a nationalist?
How do you express nationalism today?

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