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Name: Daniel G. Ferrer ABM 11-C
Rizal dedicated the new book to the three priests, Gomez, Burgos and Zamora, who were executed because of their supposed participation in the first revolutionary campaign of modern Philippine nationalism, the mutiny of Cavite. The trial of the three priests was nothing more than a contrived show, like the trial of Rizal later. In accordance with the method, tested and tried, prominent leaders were removed by making them responsible for actions which they not only did not commit but to which they have always objected. Rizal derives the reason to dedicate the work to them from the fact that the Church did not excommunicate the three priests and that there were serious mistakes in the surreptitious trial which irresponsibly led to his death sentence, and as victims of such circumstances, to the opposition which involved his lifetime work.

The change took place in EL FILIBUSTERISMO compared to NOLI ME TANGERE as well as the main character Ibarra who became Don Simon changed greatly in his behavior learned to fight and to mislead the wrong practices of friars and priests. I would say only the priests refused to change their arrogant and disgusting behavior, because of the rape of the priests in women who were unrepentant and in the event that their luxury did not satisfy their innocence they did it with no conscience.

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Did it help? Yes, it is helpful because we know the events that we have now come back. Because of this, we think that if we have lived in those days it is likely to be afraid and scared! But because now it is with the study of every person in the Philippines, as well as our emotions that are exciting to the events that took place. Unforgivable women and Filipinos who are enslaved by the conquerors and occupy the Philippines. Unequal view of the student’s teacher is inappropriate because it causes the loss of the students’ interest and their disrespect to the teacher. -The students at that time were dissatisfied with the practice and method of university education. They filed a request to make a change. It was one of those who had heard and watched the performances of the artists in PHILMARTS.

Not all things are fake, there is also real but incredible … in the things that we suppose that is just the truth but we are mistaken because because there is more real truth that happens in our country can be blind or distorted We are in charge of the events that occur in the society and the Philippines. I have yet learned that anger is incapable of doing bad deeds with others. The novel El Filibusterismo is really beautiful. There are many lessons to offer in this novel. Although this novel has been written for so long, the lessons we can use today are in our society today.

It’s a good thing but if you talk live, I’m sure it’s a good thing. I was also somewhat lacking in the performances of the artists as they did not emphasize the basic ones they were taking. As another actor also considered blocking and the sound they applied was not appropriate for the stage they performed at the stage. if I’m somewhat lacking to understand .

Sources: retrieved January 27,2018

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