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My story is a story that many people probably have ever come across.
My school is a State school by junior high school there will be dressed in Boy Scouts and girl scouts.
I usually listen to the announcement of a school that has any information report.
But this week I chose to ignore any publicity at all because school start day.
I think that would be the same as previously announced.
But the next day I’m excited to come to school every day because school start day no teaching.
I was just so excited to meet my friends.
I get up shower wait shuttle and finally, it’s school.
And then I want the car park just next school I do not want to go into school Because I put the wrong set
I do not feel ashamed If I put the dress on, it does not stand out at all in the size of the school to look at me.
Because that day I wore green scout set among the school uniform white.
I pray to someone have wearing the wrong like me.
But then it’s time to line up front the flag pole.
It even more embarrassing me because no one is wearing the wrong except me.
All the eyes look at me.
I wanted to leave school as soon as possible.
Can you guess that I did not hear anything about public relations ?

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