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My first day of school felt as if I had been dropped into the middle of a maze and had to find my way out. As the day proceeded by the hour, I came to the realization of an existing social hierarchy within bounds of my small STEM school. All the kids in my school were grouped based on some criteria: looks, fashion, interests, experiences, and even grades. Some groups were thought of as the upper echelon while other groups were outcast, as if they were a second thought. But in all cases, it seemed that all individuals in each group followed the same trend, whether this was an idea or behavior.
Observing this divided realm helped define my character. Through this, I recognized the importance of individualism. I would rather be the one who forms opinions based on facts than be a person who follows others’ opinions. It might be honorable to follow the traditional culture, but only the courageous look to set their own standards. I made a personal commitment to refrain from being limited to a single idea or opinion, even if everyone else buys in. Instead, I will analyze facts and generally form my own opinions about any topic worth discussing. With this approach, I will continually explore new knowledge and ultimately grow to become who I am destined to be: me.
At the University of Washington, I will bring with me this mindset that enables a strong will to learn at any means necessary, whether it be from other students’ perspectives or from further personal experiences. As a result, I will bring new perspectives which will help me to successfully contribute to the community at University of Washington.

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