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What we should know:
.general definition/ meaning of the word “intexicated” is to text either under the influence of alcohol or whilst driving.
It has been said that 660,000 drivers use their cell phones behind the steering wheel at any given time of the day. Although smart phones help us to connect on a daily basis. We need take in consideration that the risk factors are extremely high, due to the affect they have on our concentration levels and how long they affect our focus during our daily lives.
General Cell Phone Statistics
• The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.
• Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving.
• 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.
• Texting while driving is 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.
• Answering a text takes away your attention for about five seconds. Traveling at 55 mph, that’s enough time to travel the length of a football field.
• Texting while driving causes a 400 percent increase in time spent with eyes off the road.
• Of all cell phone related tasks, texting is by far the most dangerous activity.
• 94 percent of drivers support a ban on texting while driving.
• 74 percent of drivers support a ban on hand-held cell phone use.

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