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Modern romantic love marriage could never have worked in a traditional society. This is because today’s modern love marriages consist of two people who fall in love over a period of time, they get to know each other very well and know all about each other. They have little ways of communicating that only they understand. They share their likes and dislikes with each other and have equal roles in family life. Women now are much more independent and sometimes even support the family.
Conducting Business by the Book This exercise of examining the relative values of Christianity, Judaism and Platonic values in order to discover which is more applicable to today s business environment is in no way intended to be condemnation of the two passed over. All have had their place in business practice over the centuries, with the one being most important at any time and in any place being largely a function of the beliefs of the people of a specific region and heritage. However, business has changed so much just in the past decade that it has become apparent that there are increasing numbers of traditional value items creeping into daily business operation overall. As business has struggled in America to meet the demands of the American consumer for increased quality and reduced price, it has discovered also that it is the old values, those that have survived the centuries, that work best and provide the highest returns. Of all these, Christianity appears to be th

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