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Friday March 16th, 2018
Entrepreneurship is a field that was recognized as an important economic drive factor in Canada from the year 1987. In fact, from 1987-2007, entrepreneurship was a leading source of regional growth in Canada.

According to the study “The Dynamic Effects of Entrepreneurship on Regional Economic Growth: Evidence from Canada”, self-employment income is often looked over when it brings back so much in our economy. In other words, entrepreneurship has been one of the leading forces in the labor market throughout the country. In fact, self-employment has become the main source of employment in the economy. According to Statistics Canada, ever since the between 1989 and 1996, 75% of the new jobs were part of the self-employment sector. They have come so far as to surpassing the growth of the private and public sector of employment. Furthermore, as stated by to economists, entrepreneurs are the future drive and changers of the economy.

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One of the other factors is also how Canadian policy makers have ignored the capabilities of entrepreneurship for so long considering the many gaps of development throughout the country. Entrepreneurship has the capacity to reducing the disparities between provinces by using a considerable amount of federal funds and by fueling regional income growth. In fact, it has been studied that entrepreneurship not only get some economic stimulation from the initial shock of the policies, but also have long-term effect on the economic income growth. It is then safe to state that entrepreneurship can also be a long-term leading force in our economy.CONCLUSION

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