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The world that we live in today is very advanced and also a great place to live. Technology has been helping our lives for a long time, however, people had been spending too much time on their devices. I think that people should spend more time doing outdoor activities than on their device as well as have a balance between outdoor activities and video games.

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According to Ali Theil’s and Oby Ekwueme’s article, “What’s Better: Indoor or Outdoor Play” stated that kids are more happier when they spend their time outside. Since the child does better in school and has a more active imagination than a indoor kid, lots of people would want to be with that certain kid. Also, you can be more active and energetic as well as less stress about life. The development of the brain goes faster rate than the kid who stays indoor and this will help the kid develop into a better and more hardworking adult.

Playing outdoor activities is also a great idea because it helps kids and adults to be more fit. According to an experiment, people who played outdoor activities did ten percent better on exercises than people who stayed indoors. Since outdoor activities are aerobic, many benefits can occur with being fit. For example, being fit can help improve your mood, letting you stay happier. Being fit can also increase a person’s life span.

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