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Looking or analyzing pictures to know the individual’s age is often a strenuous task. Computer vision system with age estimation techniques aims to approximate automatically the age range or exact age from the face of an individual. This has recently gained a lot of attention from the research community emerging as a key technology with numerous applications ranging from access control, biometrics, human machine interaction, and image-based data indexing and retrieval. Typical scenarios for the categories just mentioned include, age-restricted security control and surveillance monitoring. Example of this is a self-vending machine which can prevent dispensing alcoholic drinks or cigarettes to an underage customer where a face-based age estimation is installed. Moreover, automated estimation of age on internet access control can be used to prevent underage individual from browsing internet pages with adult and inappropriate materials and automatically adjust the graphical user interface based on their age group., emotion, ethnicity and identification. This paper will present an approach in age estimation of a person.

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