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Living In The Zombie World
Is it possible that zombies are human beings? Which is a dead person who does not have a soul but has slouched like walk. The author Chuck Klosterman who wrote “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead” argues about how zombies and humans are alike. He also argues how zombies have impacted our social life and has an emotional attachment to them. Throughout the article My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead Chuck Klosterman establish his credibility by having a clear purpose, by finding a target audience, comparing our life to zombies, and tone.
According to Wikipedia, Chuck Klosterman is a well-known American author and an essayist. He written his books on contemporary culture. He is also a columnist for ESPN and Esquire. He is also the New York Best-selling author of eight books of non-fiction which include Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, But What If We Were Wrong?, and Chuck Klosertman X. He has written for well-known magazines and newspapers which are GQ, Esquire and The Believer. He attended college at the University of North Dakota in 1994 where he got his journalism degree. With all of the work that Klosterman has created, he established his credibility through his knowledge of all monsters. Although Klosterman has established his credibility, he also educated a great audience.
Chuck Klosterman has targeted a younger audience. He target a younger audience by using today pop culture such as “The Walking Dead” or “Twilight” (40). By Klosterman using these examples its helps supports his justification. The walking dead is a popular television show where human survivors lives in a world of zombies that has happened. Also, twilight which is a popular love story vampire movie that deals with humans surrounding areas. This also supports Klosterman thesis because zombies have entered our social structure. Klosterman also uses language to make his argument more related to a younger audience. Throughout the article chuck used slangs words or one word sentences such as “youngish” (40). He uses that to make the article easier to read but most of the younger generations has an addiction with zombies. This helped him target a specific audience because he talked about young or popular movies which a lot of people watch. Although klosterman has target an audience, he also compares our life to zombies.
The main purpose of the article is to show how the public has turned into zombies and how human being act as zombies day to day. Klostermans compares zombies to our human lives. In the article Klosterman explains how to kill a zombie. He also explains that killing a zombies is very “monotonous” because every zombies dies the same. Another way Klosterman compares our lives to zombies is by TV and internet. “Zombies are like Internet and the media and every conversation we don’t want to have” (42). He also states that all humans are intrigued by internet and TV. By doing the same routine everyday he compares it to zombies walking around being senseless. Klosterman does make varies of point comparing our lives to zombies, but he also sets the tone throughout the passage.
Klosterman uses a lot of tone throughout passage, but most of tone he uses is sarcastic and humorous. One of the sarcastic statement in the article was “The zombies you kill today will merely be replaced by the zombies of tomorrow…Keep your finger on the trigger”(44). This statements means s/he might have killed the zombies today but they will always be some tomorrow which means you always got to be ready. He also makes his point more entertaining. Another way he uses tone throughout the passage was that it was very informative. For an example, “Zombies are a target-rich environment, literally and figuratively. The more you fill them with bullets, the more interesting they become” (40). At the end go the passage his tone shifts to more of a wakeup call. “Keep your finger on the trigger. Continue the termination. Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop deleting” (44). Although Klosterman has set many tones through passage, overall these main points were proven.

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