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Literature Review
Crime is an unauthorized act punishable by a state /authority. Based on a study done on but according to law and sociology, Durkheim’s sociology of law proposes that crime is a normal part of society, and that it is necessary and indispensable. He recognizes crime as being important to the well-being of society and suggests that challenges to established moral and legal laws act to bring together those that were not in opposition to the laws in other words the people who are not breaking laws come together as a collective force. He believes that society needs crime to function normally. Crime reinforces bonds between the general law abiding citizens . His theory states that there needs to be the perfect balance for crime too little would end the interaction of the public for solving problems and too much would lead to  a chaotic society. When there is good balance society is able to come together to create an interaction leading to solutions to problems. He states that “crime is important for the well-being of society because when people join together in a common purpose  that collectively constraining g force is greater than any one individual” (Pavlich,2011).

For Durkheim society needs crime and society needs justice therefore without crime we would not be able to witness this need for justice which ‘involves organizing the consciousness, rituals, and moral frameworks that compromise collective being in society in ways that promote fairness, meritocracies, and forms of social life based on equity of opportunity” (Pavlich, 2011). in other words Durkheim is saying that if we did not have crime society would not be able to learn what justice is and how everyone needs to treated fairly. Society has many rules for how one is supposed to act and behave and the needs to bring justice to people who are not following laws is just as important as crime existing in the first place.

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Which is categorized in four sections by an article posted by legalmatch; personal crimes, property crimes, inchoate crimes, and statutory crimes. Which can determine where are not it is a felony, which is more serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping and robbery and misdemeanor less serious crimes such as shoplifting.

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