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Leadership in a culturally diverse environment
Megaglobe Business Solutions is growing very fast. Recently, it managed to get contracts to provide services in Brazil and China. These are territories that the company had not ventured into before. The opportunity, therefore, provides it with what may be a new challenge. In the modern business environments, companies are spreading their tentacles to cover the global markets. Just like the rest of these enterprises, Megaglobe will have to deal with issues that come with far-reaching cultural differences and practices. In that regard, it must provide its employees with the relevant skills and knowledge that they will require being fruitful in their new environments. The following blog takes employees through the various issues that usually emerge about engaging in a culturally diverse business environment and the approaches that they must give to execute their functions with utmost efficiency.

The need to adapt and lead within a changing environment
There are a lot of factors that contribute to the failure or success of a business organization. While some of the factors are found within the groups, there are a lot of issues in the external environment that impacts on businesses. One of the environmental problems that determine the success of an organization is the cultural dynamics in which the team is involved (Ferreira et al, 2009). In this situation, Megaglobe is getting into external environments in which some cultures might clash with the one it is used to in Chicago. Subsequently, there is a need to provide the employees who would be seconded to these regions with the basic knowledge of the issues that may come up and the possible ways in which can confront those challenges.
The Team Leadership Model and its application to the transition
Megaglobe is a financial consultant corporation. Primarily, the business provides consultancy services across the globe in exchange for equal payment. In that respect, Megaglobe meets companies and individuals and discusses with them their financial situations. In that regard, it provides information and guidance on issues about, but not limited to taxation, investments, wage system as well as insurance schemes. While providing these pieces of financial advice, it is necessary for companies to have a leadership model that will enable it to realize its objectives.

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In this work, the team leadership model places the leader at the apex of the structure and provides him with the necessary support to make the group useful.

The team leadership above is designed in such a manner that it provides the team members with knowledge of what they are expected to do to make the organization successful. In the system, the leader monitors the effectiveness of the program by making sure that all the employees carry out their duties appropriately.

How the business structure will improve the overall business performance
The business structure that has been designed for the team is in such a manner that it addresses all the managerial issues that may arise in the course of the program. One of the issues that it took into consideration is the need to solve the conflicts that may occur. Ordinarily, in cases where people operate in unfamiliar grounds, conflicts are bound to arise (Moran et al, 2014). In the event where these differences are not addressed appropriately and promptly, serious repercussions may be realized. Additionally, the fact that the leader is put at the top of the team is a positive step. The position of a leader is necessary for accountability and control purposes. He/she is mandated to make sure that there is quality in the delivery of services by making sure that all the team members play their roles. All that will improve the business performance in the foreign environment.

Positive aspects of change that will motivate the employees
Motivation is to an organization what blood is to the human body. It is at that moment when blood stops flowing when the body dies. Similarly, the time when motivation stops flowing in the veins of the workers is the time when an organization collapses (Gagne, 2009). One of the positive aspects to improve the motivation of the employees is to provide them with enhanced payments. In these different environments, it is necessary to offer the workers attractive wages so that would reflect on the economics of the foreign lands. Besides, the employees need to be provided with only that piece of work that is reasonable. Too much load kills the morale of workers and may, in the long run, hinder them from giving their best to the company.

Working in international environments portends a lot of challenges to most organizations. One of the issues that come to mind is the socio-cultural conflicts. When an American moves to China, there is bound to be issues with cultural shocks that if not handled carefully may affect the organization’s performance. The presence of Team leadership model presents an opportunity for the participants to in the whole exercise to know what to do in any circumstance. The team leader is tasked with the responsibility of monitoring the group and making sure that it operates optimally.

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