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Language is a tool of communication that used by human being to express their ideas orally or written. As we know that they are many languages in this world. It’s like Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, English, and others. English becomes an international language, that very important being learned now besides of other languages. In this globalization era, most of people used English to communicate and compete with other people in the world. It is usually used for educations, business, Job, etc.
English is a foreign language especially in Indonesia. It is a subject that being learned by students in Indonesian education. This subject is seriously learned by students to increase their language skill. Besides of increasing their skill, it also becomes one of the compulsory subject, that being a national graduation requirement in the education of Junior and Senior High School. It is tested in the National Exam.
Students need to study four skills, when they learn English. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Reading and listening is a receptive skill. Traditionally, reading is vital requisite for knowing the effective knowledge and source of writing and speaking. Writing and speaking is a productive skill. It is called as productive skill because we product both of them by spoken and written. Here, the researcher chooses writing to be a subject matter.
Writing is one of skill, which is important being learned by students. It is necessary, because of the students’ success in learning process is influenced by writing ability. Laini (2014: 1) claims “Writing is a form of communication where people can express their ideas, feeling, and experiences freely”. It means that those ideas, feeling, and experiences are implemented in the written form.
Among the four skills, writing is often considered as the most difficult and boring activity. The students need to know many things, like understanding about grammar, mastering any vocabularies, and arranging a good paragraph. Expressing the idea that come from their mind to written form are not easy for them. Moreover, this skill needs a lot of practice. It also needs an appropriate method of teaching and learning to build students’ enthusiasm.
Any texts are taught in senior high school. In the first semester of tenth grader, students are learned about descriptive text. Descriptive text is a text which describes a place or person. In this time, students are going to describe about place. According to Bardiyanto, (2013: 45) argue that “the social functions of descriptive text about place are to describe, to promote or to introduce a place, to recognize, and to inform about the place”.
Based on the researcher’s pre-observation in SMA N 1 Tuntang, there were several students’ difficulty in learning English especially on writing. The researcher observed that the problem might be caused by several factors. They were: 1) Students were lack of vocabulary. 2) Students did not really understand about grammar. 3) Students did not pay attention when the teacher gives explanation about the lesson. 4) Students felt bored with the strategy or method that used in the teaching learning process.
Based on the pre-observation above, the researcher concludes that the problems come from the students and the teacher. The researcher here tries to overcome the problems by using strategy in teaching learning process. This strategy can make students interest in the writing activity. Using strategy in teaching-learning process can make new environmental class. It will make students enjoy and enthusiasm on learning process, especially in writing.
Furthermore, the use of media is also needed in teaching writing. Teacher can use some media like reallia, printed text, or picture in teaching-learning process. Picture can be used to improve the students’ critical thinking. Picture is media that easy to get and very cheap. By using picture every student can express or share their opinion which is appropriate with their own arguments. The students can describe anything from the pictures that they look, so they can be active on teaching-learning process and not feel bored.
In this case, the strategy that use picture as media in teaching-learning process is Example Non-Example. Example Non-Example is one of solution to improve students especially in writing ability. According to Huda (2014: 234) Example Non-Example is learning strategy that use picture to deliver the material. This strategy is completed with picture, so it can be the way for students to develop their idea, make them more creative, and also can build their critical thinking.
Based on that problem, the researcher is going to do the research entitled “The Use of Example Non-Example Strategy to Improve Students’ Writing Ability”. It is for the Tenth Grade Students’ at SMA N 1 Tuntang in the Academic Year 2018/2019.

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