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Johnson & Johnson was founded in January 1886, New Jersey in the US by Johnson brothers. And since ages, we have been finding new and hopeful thoughts regarding the advancement of new products that are associated with human skin care and their health. Furthermore, we try our best that our every invention and product has to be powered from generations to generations to make a difference and fit in the upcoming generations. This motivation helps our employees to make sure whatever they think would be best for our customers.


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Goal 1: Enhancement outreach

• Provide personal and best education enhancement to the customers

Goal 2: Increase the marketing and promotional strategy

• Increase the use of proper comprehension in printed materials eg: (Broachers, Flyers, Ads)
• Usage of more technological based promotions

Goal 3: Enhance better partnership

• Have a good partnership relations with businesses and organization eg: (Schools, Universities)

Goal 4: Enhance IT and use of better technology

• Enrich technological programs

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