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“Analysis on Foreign Policy”
The Philippines foreign relations are appreciated as a result of the Head of state of the Philippines. Our country have particular policies that would benefit to have an effect on its relations to neighboring countries. It is allowing of the structures in our country that know its interest since these state its goal and supports influence by the situation adjustment towards its policies to be shaped for the benefit of our country and the domestic aspects, it also helps in the turn into purposes in that one foreign policy.
It shapes the positions of a particular state and state a country as to whatever its movements are became in controlling their foreign policies and the same thing making decisions, it is necessary in adjusting because it really pass through the foreign policy to be get going. The responsibilities is the movements occupied by our country in the shaping of its foreign policy and also put into action its foreign policy. However, the security policies, and diplomacy. It is needed in the positions for the reason that provides to the improvement and as well as the individual execution of its foreign policy and would make our country developed not only its interactions to its neighboring countries, but then to our economic development.
The feedback in relation to the Philippines and International affairs is one thing that form and benefits foreign policies in order to settled and progressed good relations. By the time proclaimed our independence. The United States ask for authority over the Philippines under the Treaty of Paris, which lead to the Spanish-American War ended and controlled the Philippines as a dependency up until 1935.
Afterwards the Philippines turn out to be an independent commonwealth. In the 1950s Philippine Foreign Policy results the reforming of mutually our country’s political and economic reform since the rule of foreign invaders.
In the Philippine Foreign Policy at that point not totally classified. During that event, the Philippines was still under attack, and was brutally damage by the cause of World War II. The battle between the United States and the Union of Soviet Republic, deal with political, economic and military opposition. For that reason the World War II, our country was brutally damage our regime and economy was in collapse making our country dependent to the United States.
Considering, we our depended on the United States for modernization and recovery. Aside from that develop there have been other difficulties that our country is facing, the land issues that has been hang around and build up the military and power of the People’s Army aligned with the Japanese which further to the challenges of the state. Because of that issue about land, there have been laborer rebellion which very held up our country recovery. The unusual presidency struggled different policies in work out this issue. For the former Roxas administration engage in force by force. The former Quirino administration engage in the benefit of the policy, it is after the given remission and able to merge the association other than when they give in the weapon. For former Magsaysay, he administer an extensive method that keeps the lands, equipment and animals once given remission.
Our country is reliant on the United States, We’ve engaged limited permits with the United States, in the same way as the Military Base Agreement, the Military Assistance Agreement and the Mutual Defense Pact which associated our protection awareness with the United States.
It be influenced by United States at individuals periods that even our foreign policy have been highlighted to United States foreign policy. Regarding the United States take away their troops in Vietnam, the Relationship of SouthEast Asian Nations (ASEAN), supposed its foremost conference. The purpose that they demand to accomplish during the conference was that, the Southeast Asia have a a neutral stance, independence and peace.

For former Ramos administration has a four core imports of Philippine foreign policy. These are the improvement of national security, advancement of economic diplomacy, safeguarding of foreign and nationals Filipino overseas, and the forecast of a decent look of our country. He improved foreign trade, investments and approved development support to our country within his state visits and summit conferences.  Furthermore, other significant events in foreign affairs during the President Ramos times happened the agreement before 1992 in ASEAN, upon the Declaration on the Management of Parties in the South China Sea pointed at evading of conflict between the institution of the Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines (BIMP)-East Asia Growth, the institution of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in as the merely bilateral security negotiation in the Asia-Pacific region guided at the government and the authorization among the Moro National Liberation Front and the Philippine Government of the Mindanao Peace Agreement.

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For former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, she declared “my foreign policy consists in protecting the interest of the Philippines by responding to eight realities in the global and regional environment” It carry out a severe risk to the international security.
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo directly find guilty the terrorist’s assault and mutually with the United States, in cooperation states lacking a two-sided military support in the attack against terrorism. This two-sided cooperation began the entries in civilizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). This bring about the Philippines and United States Security Interactions.

Our country and the United States has lead the once a year shared military movements neighboring the capacities which there was a rising terrorism in the Mindanao and began chaos among the congress. GMA had enemies that the United States troops be supposed to not get involved Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). As well, the United States controlled criticism on Iraq was held by the Philippines in go into battle against the terrorism. This bring about a quiet difficult nationally and internationally yet Philippines granted in to the demand of the terrorism.
The Philippines achieved a very challenging but then sensible decision in favors to the OFW in Iraq and cherished our life as a brave Filipino workers in the conflict in a dilemma of our country. However, this give rise to our country a corrupt the way you are seen in the international cooperation. It is a option among the lives of our fellow Filipinos in the international aspect of our country.

For former President Benigno “Noy-noy” Aquino III, the administration come across a number of challenges that experienced the power of our President. The challenges that the President have handled during the pre-2016 is the international dispute between China. It has rulling power in Asia, declared a variety of islands in the West Philippine Sea that put on our country to set the said challenge in the international court.

As a result of reading, It emphasis on unusual influences that made the Foreign Policy of our country during Aquino’s era. Our country is to assemble the Southeast Asian country in contradiction of a threatening neighbor. It is the mainly heroic mission for the fragile state to engage in battle against a rulling power in China. Still the Vietnam and Taiwan hang back to go against China in demanding islands.

Our Philippine Foreign Policy emphasis of having a bilateral exchange of ideas with the China. President Aquino did not talked with China in relations of trade and investment. The administration did rejected proposals of negotiations and negotiation with China. It shows how independent our country in creating a permitted warfare and failing the relations with China.
The action we taken is to get what is ours by using right political approach, an addition of integrity into foreign policy. This approach, our country sign up elite allowed authorities to stand for our country against China.
President Duterte administration has regulate his targets on supporting our economic development and planned on practicing an independent foreign policy which is a bit different from the three supports. These targets made a new ally like China and Russia, and the United States, in having these intentions happen which is the opposing events done by the former administration. Even if this may be related to how we operated to be organized to other governments but this was surprising especially when we are siding to our enemy. However, we are gently getting their trust and this had became an outcome.

The President Duterte determination and commitment to serve us Filipinos and the achievement of participating the national interest. However, it shows his personal manner which considers more than proficiency. I admire the way he thinks is right but sometimes being tackles might be the problem all of us are must be worried of. Since he is the recent President in power and have control, he should be mindfukl regarding of his words and actions that might ruin the plans on achieving those goals. Philippine Foreign Policy of the modernization continue to be dependent to western norms and address its own national and international.
To conclude, every part of our countries has a fundamental pole in developing area cooperation. If our political cooperation and economic interaction makes not interchange on similarly, then disinterest might struggle nearby us. Our political and security difficulties resolve stand our upcoming progress. Even though East Asia’s imposing economic implementation, development association likewise ruins an importance. If our development is not maintained at the improvement of our determinations, then separation might challenge the limited agreement.

Our neighborhood list of options is, an occupied individual. It will yield each our political and shared awareness of determination to bring it out. I think we preserve to be equally to the challenge for as Asians. I realize the essential for agreement, and we know that in away to get it. We force to interchange at a pace contented to everything. We will succeed within conference and agreement. Even in colonizing the changes among us, we will keep in mind to preserve settlement.

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