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Italy is very known for its art and masterpieces that were created throughout history. When visiting Italy, you must see one the the most famous cathedrals in Europe and the leaning tower of pisa. The capital of Italy is Rome and you can see some artworks of the most famous painters. Italy has some pretty well known history, but there is also many beautiful landscapes. You can go skiing in the Alps, visit Roman ruins and Greek temples, or take a cruise on the Grand Canal in Venice.
Italy is a mountainous peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. The mountains in the north are known as the Alps. The Alps separate Italy from France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Po Valley lies in the southern part of Italy. At the south of Italy is the Po Valley, a fertile farmland and the basin of the Po River, and extending well into the Mediterranean Sea sit Sicily and Sardinia, two of Italy’s largest islands. Sicily is located across the narrow strait of Messina where volcanoes can be found. Sardinia has a mountainous landscape and rocky offshore islands. The Vatican lies within Italy’s border and it’s known as the smallest country in the world. The pope lives in the Vatican City. In northern Italy, the temperature is relatively cold during winter and most areas have snow, while Southern Italy has a more pleasant winter and a warmer climate. Italy’s population is well over 50 million with more than three million people living in Rome. Italy also has small groups of German, French, and Slovene minorities.
An Italian breakfast starts with a prima colazione usually served with a light cappuccino and a brioche. Lunch, is the big meal which consists of pasta, rice, or soup, a meat or fish with some vegetables, and a fresh fruit. Pasta is the most common course in an Italian meal particularly in the northern area. Meat is not common in most Italian homes. Italian diets are full of vegetables, seafood, veal, or chicken. Gelato is available in many different flavours paired with a cone, which can be found in most gelateria.
Hundreds of local festivals take place across the country in any given day to celebrate a saint or a local harvest, including the daily domestic ritual of passeggiata, a collective evening stroll celebrated by the young and old alike in towns and villages across the country. If there is one special national characteristic Italians are known for, it’s that they know how to live life to the fullest. Italian is the official language of the country. You can hear other languages being spoken such as, French, German, and Slovene. People in Italy like to greet each other with a handshake with eye contact and a smile. It is improper to call someone by their first names unless they invite you to. Opera is a big part of Italian musical culture and a part of popular music known to many, along with other other genres like jazz, rock, and hip hop that come from all over the world. The most popular sport in Italy is soccer, cycling, bowls, and horse racing. The Italian national soccer team has won the World Cup multiple times, and everyone looks forward to the most anticipated cycling event held yearly called the Giro d’Italia. The currency in Italy is Euros. there is plenty to check out as far as clubs go and the party doesn’t start until the wee hours of the morning. There’s everything from disco to ballroom dancing to live music. For shop addicts, Italy is well known for its fashion industry and is famous worldwide for its high-end fashion and style. Pickpocketing, bag-snatching, and stealing cars are crimes that occur in major cities in Naples and Rome.
Over the past 60 years the country has reclaimed its position as a major social and cultural player in world affairs. Italian goods and services have excellent international reputations, and Italy remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

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