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It is very important to ensure children and young people are protected from harm because the parents leave their child with us In our care for the day, they don’t want to be worrying about their child all day, they should be able to drop them off at a setting and really know they’ll be in great hands. The one way we can ensure parents that children and young people are safe from harm is to get a DBS check DBS stands for disclosure and barring service, DBS is carried out so then when you work in a child care setting so the employer makes safer recruitment decisions and having a DBS check prevents unsuitable people from working in a childcare setting. Everyone working in a childcare setting from cleaners to dinner ladies etc should all have DBS check before allowed to work there. It is also important to have a safe environment around the children, so safe toys etc, making sure each member of staff is at left with one group of kids each so then none of the children harm themselves while playing with toys. If any of the toys are broken or not suitable to be in the nursery/school then remove them then all the risks are removed. Another one is outdoor play, to ensure children/young people are protected from harm outside make sure all outdoor activities and outdoor playframes/toys are safe to be around to play with, making sure the ground is level and there’s no sharp objects around are also a main point to protect them from harm. You can also protect children by if one has had an accident and they need to be taken to the nappy area/ children’s toilets then making sure the child feels comfortable by not sharing with other members of staff what has happened and showing all their private areas etc to other members of staff too this way the child will trust you a lot more and respect you and this is a way of building a great relationship with the child.

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