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It is seen worldwide the clothing retailers don’t own any factories and that is why it is often said that they are not responsible for the conditions in the factories. As per my understanding the clothing retailers should be considered responsible because at the end it is the retailers who makes decisions on which factory will produce their goods and at what price. They also control the decisions such as how much the workers will be paid and in what conditions they will work and survive. They don’t care of the dangerous and unhealthy working conditions which can cost the workers their health and also sometimes their lives. They are liable for the safety of the workers and also for the factories where the garments are produced. English clothing retailers need to focus on the codes of conduct and need to make sure that these codes are implemented properly. English clothing retailers need to provide duty of care towards their workers as it is always a two way dialogue. In order to eliminate the crisis in the factories as an individual I believe that they need to step up and show accountability for their actions. From the examples that I have witnessed I believe that the corporations only think about one aspect that is profit and from the views towards CSR we have discussed in the class it can be seen that they favour narrow view towards CSR which is profit maximisation. The corporation’s recipe to success is simple as they enjoy huge amount of profits by opening new stores in different locations, there stock prices have reached a remarkable height, and they create a positive image for their brands which gets them loyal customers in return and they make sure that their products are made as cheaper as possible. The consumer’s play a very important role as they should educate themselves more in depth about who the manufacturer is and under what conditions the products are made. For example they can stop buying products from those retailers who are exploiting their workers.

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