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It is a honor to be able to vote in order to have your voice heard on election day. People have fought for our right to vote, and not voting disrespects that. The political advocate, Thomas Paine, once said , “Voting is the Rights Upon all Other Rights Depend”. This quote means that voting is the prerequisite of all our other rights, we should vote if all our other rights depend on voting. Rights are inherent to all human beings and we are all entitled to these rights as human beings. without discrimination. Voting will help protect our democracy
Some civilians do not vote because they do not believe their vote matters. This type of person will tell you that in the sea of voters, theirs will not make a difference. However, there are many elections decided by just a few votes. For example, in 2017, Democrat Shelly Simonds won a seat in the Virginia house of delegates by one single vote. In the 2016 presidential election, only 58 percent of eligible voters exercised their right. To speak candidly, 42% of United States citizens failed to complete their duty as human beings. The outcome could have been tremendously different if that number was at 100 percent. One vote changed the outcome. People were given the right to vote for a reason, brave men and women all across our country fought and continue fighting to get the people the right to vote to protect our inherent rights. Therefore, we should use this to our advantage. Those who do not take the time to vote, always have the strongest opinion about what changes need to be made in society. If a citizen does not vote, they have surrendered the right complain about the outcome of that particular election. In addition, voting gives you a sense of important knowledge and being educated politically is an important tool(Masback 2016). Politics are central to the foundation of the United States. Non voters will be the first to express their dissatisfaction and annoyance via social media and other platforms. The response to this is to vote. Please American Citizens, go vote and change the world. Having the right to vote puts the people in charge of elections and gives them you sense of control(Masback 2016). When the people’s voice is heard, our country is shaped on it. Human beings must vote to have an opinion about the future of our country.
In the article “Why do People Vote? An Experiment in Rationality” they did a study and your vote may not really have much influence and that people may vote out of a sense of duty. The article states, “it is the duty of a good citizen to vote” “and that voting is important regardless of the odds against one’s party and the number of other voters” (Blais 1999). No matter what party you are voting for, your vote matters. You are a citizen of the our country and have the right to vote. It is your right and duty to have a say and control in the countries politics system. One reason people vote and is a sense of duty. In another article called, “Why People Vote: Estimating the Social Returns to Voting” Geber says, “Recent research suggests that social dynamics – perhaps most notably the anticipation of social sanctions – can substantially affect behaviors including political participation” (Gerber 2016). People died and fought for our right to vote. We should honor that and uphold that right. We are privileged in this country to have that right. There are people of many nations that do not have this inherent right. Since we have the right to vote, we do have a duty to do so. There is no reason to disrespect the people of our country who fought to get us the right to vote. We have a right to vote for a reason, we get to use it as a sense of control and as a sense of having an opinion in our country. Instead of complaining about the election results, focusing in on a particular party, or protesting voting altogether, American citizens need to come together, parties aside, and vote with the future of our country in mind.

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