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It has been my ambition to earn an MBA since 2013 and am excited to now be on the cusp of making my dream to a reality. I have come a long way from been a cashier to a business woman and now customer relationship manager. It has been a journey of challenges and achievement. All of the challenge that I conquered have eliminated my fears and built me to a strong, confident, persevere woman that I am today. Strong leadership skills such as good communication skills, truthworthiness, creativity, responsibility, feedback and motivation I have been able to acquire for the past twenty years from my school time to work.
While embarking to this next scholastic challenge and the career I believe the cause will nature me to be an innovative, solution maker ,creative and a good leader who will make a difference in my family,communite, workplace and a nation.
I have chosen this MBA program because the course aims to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for successful strategic leader. These are core skills to a successful manager. It is a perfect step that will help me to pursue my career in relationship manager.
My interest of been the best to my customers, I am eager to improve my accent, more confident in the decisions that I will make.
During this course I will bring my dedication, enthusiasm and determination. I am proud that I have the life time chance and it is a stepping stone toward successful future.
Below emails can be used for assistance.
For student support email: support
For technical support email:[email protected]
For e book email: [email protected]

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