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Islamic conviction framework urges us to win in life here and starting now and into the foreseeable future. To gain this ground we should take after the course oversaw by the Heavenly Quran and the route showed up by Rasul (SM). With this goal in observe Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd was set up (enlisted) as an open obliged association on 18 June, 1995. The presentation benefit happened on 27 September 1995.The endorsed capital of the bank is Tk.2500.00 million and the paid up capital Tk.1500 million. Some particularly renowned Islamic personalities and sincere agents of the country are the supporters of the bank. The total paid up capital was contributed an area.

The bank is set out to contribute inside and out in the national economy. It has made a positive duty towards the towards the budgetary change of the country by opening 94 branches on which 31 affirmed trader (Advertisement) all through the country.

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The estimation of the bank stayed at Tk.3415 million as 31 December 2011, the work are 1805 and number of financial specialists are12561.

The bank coordinates its business on the measures of Mudaraba, Bai-muazzal, and enrolls purchase trades supported by Bangladesh Bank. Typically, its modes and exercises are altogether one of a kind in connection to those of other standard business bank. There is a Shariah chamber in the banks who keeps up steady watchfulness to ensure that the activities of the bank are being driven on the statutes of Islam. The Shariah board includes recognizable Ulema, assumed agents, renowned legitimate advocates and well known business investigator.

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