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Is black lives matter a hate group, or is it actually beneficial for the black community? Video recordings of police officers murdering unarmed black citizens has started an uproar in the black community and has changed the way the country sees police brutality. When a twelve-year-old boy is unjustifiably shot and killed by the people we are supposed to trust with our lives, is it really an exaggeration? Understanding the meaning of Black live matter helps to see their side of view. Black Lives matter does not mean that other lives do not; but that there lives matter too; It is not a exclusion but an inclusion. “This movement focuses on the irrefutable fact that black citizens are far more likely than whites to die at the hands of the police. The more the country ignores that truth, the greater the civic discord that’ll flow from it.” (Political Lies about…) The movement started when: Oakland community activist Alicia Arza wrote an impassioned Facebook plea with the words “Black Lives Matter.” Patrisse Cullors put a hashtag in front of those 3 words and it resonated worldwide. (Black Lives Matter..1). African Americans are wrongly imprisoned, tortured, discriminated, and killed because of their skin color. Although many would think the purpose and phrase “Black Lives Matter” is an exclusion and inherently racist, the hashtag is anything but, this is seen when looking at why BLM started, what the hashtag means, and the purpose behind the hashtag.

BLM started because of the wrongly unjustified killings that happen to blacks that are still going on today. Mario Gordon provides an example in his article when stating: “Sixty years ago, Emmett Till, the 14-year old African American was tortured and murdered in Mississippi. When brought to trial, his killers were acquitted, even though they later admitted to the murder.” Since the hashtag started there has been countless of videos of blacks being murdered by police and not getting any justice. Not only are African Americans continuously being killed unlawfully, African Americans continue to be racially profiled when done nothing wrong. When looking at statistics reporters found police pulled over African-American drivers at a rate far out of proportion to their share of there local driving population. The police searched black motorist or their cars twice as often as whites–even though whites were significantly more likely to be caught with drugs and weapons. (Political lies about..) When arguing on if black lives matter is important some may say that blacks kill blacks more than police do or bring up the term “black on black crime” though no one talks about white on white crime or Asian on Asian crime. This is because black people don’t kill black people because they’re black, and if so justice is always served. Using this argument means your justifying unlawful killings and that since black people kill black people, whites can kill them too. Black on black crime is a loaded term meant to enable racist. Cementing the idea that the real problem is black people killing black people not the judicial system and law enforcement targeting black people for arrest, and incarceration. As blacks continue to face wrongdoings, it makes clear that sadly our history shows that people in our society do not value African Americans.
After the hashtag started, those of other races wrongly misinterpreted the phrase and where quick to discredit it by starting their own hashtag called “All Lives Matter” with the response that All lives matter not just black ones, but those who use the phrase don’t understand the former. “Everyone is humanized both by the work of #BlackLivesMatter, the social movement and especially as a result of actualizing the realization that black lives matter as much as those with fully social standing.” (David G 4) So when saying All lives matter you’re insinuating that blacks are not, in fact, facing any injustice at all. Those who use the latter phrase- are missing the point of what the former is attempting to achieve, “All lives matter” overlooks social and economic barriers founded on the basis of race, that place African Americans at a disadvantage. (David G) To come to a better understanding on why all lives matter is a protest against theirs, using the analogy that when a house is burning down in a neighborhood, people don’t point at the other houses and say “all houses matter.” Black lives matter because this country was founded on black labor, the nation’s great wealth built on black suffering. Black lives matter because, as human life, black lives are often unacknowledged in the insistent universalization that “all lives matter.” (David G)
Although black lives matter has a good intent, people still feel there are many reasons why the hashtag isn’t helping. There have many reports of violence being one of the results of the hashtag. Brian Kilmeade had characterized BLM as a “murder mob” that should be branded as a hate group. (David G). “presidential candidate Ben Carson complained, “The black lives matter movement is focused on the wrong targets, to the detriment of blacks who would like to see real change.” Rand Paul another Republican candidate remarks “I think they should change their name-maybe All lives matter, or innocent lives matter. (Mario Gordon) When looking at the hashtag people instantly would deduce that the phrase excludes different races, or is saying other lives other than blacks do not matter: which makes it even more controversial. “John McWhorter, Repeatedly declaring racism over in America, has linked the anti-racist movement as a ” religious cult.”(David G) Needless to say, most of the people who have a negative look on the phrase do not face the problems the ones vouching for the phrase do.
To conclude, black lives matter plays a big role, because it deals with justice that African Americans do not get on a daily basis. Black lives matter is a way for African Americans to come together peacefully and get the rights they deserve. When saying black lives matter it means that blacks-alike all people should have the right to a fair trial and that their future be in the hands of a judge, not the police. The hashtag itself is Based on equality, this is important because if nothing is done, the wrongdoings that blacks face will not change. Although people would think the purpose and phrase “Black Lives Matter” is a exclusion and inherently racist, it is anything but. If the shoe was on the other foot would it then be acceptable for black police officers to use excessive force and even murder white civilians, when whites are fighting for something as simple as equality?

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