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This research project has been developed within the context of a time where every day we see more and more connected devices. The Internet transformed our lives by connecting us more easily to information and other people in the virtual world. Mobile phones then became smartphones and since then this concept has erupted and morphed into the Internet of Things, things which connect us to everyday objects. Our research is exploring a new way to use technologies to be more informed. The state of innovation currently is to provide more information, but less interaction to get it.
The world around us is constantly changing. With the advancement of science and technology, we are moving towards a more automated way of life. We have smartphones, smart cars, and more. This fast way of life requires the development of mirror into smart mirror. The aim of this research project is to explore the impeding shift in how people receive information. We see wall mounted clocks, which provided people with access to the time at a glance. We have displays in airports to show the timetable so that passengers can see the information. We also see massive tickers and advertisements. We have tried to personalize this concept and bring it to the home. The Smart Mirror enables people use their device less, while being presented with more. This is a major step in the evolution of being informed.
The device that has been researched and designed is called “Smart Mirror”. It is a wall mounted mirror which displays relevant items to the user such as weather, scheduling, messages and other fields of interest. The mirror will solve the problems that many people experience every day, getting information without distraction. The Smart Mirror lets people use their device less, and Mirror combines the advantages of a smartphone and a mirror. It contains an LCD display positioned behind the glass. It provides news, mails, calendar, weather information and it allows the playback of both videos and music. This is the moment technology is starting to get out of the way. Heads will be up, hands will be set free.

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Lightning system
Extra lights attached to a mirror for perfect makeup and look.

Monitoring system
Hidden Camera Attached for security of your place and footage can be access from any smart phone or PC.

Sound System
Quality Sound System for entertainment purpose and others.

Selfie Camera
Quality camera for perfect selfies.

Displays clock for different time zone and different hour format

Displays the calendar of the current month

5.3. Current Weather
Display the current weather of the set location and in the set unit of temperature using Open Weather API.

5.4. Weather Forecast
Displays the weekly weather forecast of the set location and in the set unit of temperature using Open Weather API.

5.5. News Feed
Displays news headlines from the set RSS feed. RSS feeds available are: Gulf
News, BBC, CNN and etc.

5.6. Traffic updates
Offers commute time for the set route via Google Maps data.

5.7. To-Do list
Displays to-do lists for the set user.

Random daily quotes

5.9. Holidays
Displays a list of holidays for the set country

5.10. Dictionary
Helps in difficult words

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