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Introduction: The first stone of the company was kept in Collingwood Melbourne in the year 1914 by George Coles. This company which is based in Australia offers chain of products such as baby, bakery, mobile phone, tablets, fish and seafoods. They have expanded their business in frozen foods, eggs, drinks, health and beauty. The main competitor of this company is Woolworths and together they account for 80%of the Australian market. Owing to the trend of online shopping Coles Online is the Company dealing with Online shopping services. Headquarters of this company is in Hawthorn East, Melbourne, Australia.
In this report, focus is on company’s IS strategy which shows how technology and information system are used in overall business strategy to enhance the company’s business plan.Furthermore this also analyses the IT management of a of our selected firm Coles Supermarket. The policies and regulations of a company with roles of their corporate officers are also reflected here. The Company’s method of handling risks and Diminishing them is of very importance as this reflects the future working of the company. Additional Improvements and modifications in upcoming few years beneficial for the company’s affairs are thrown a dim light.

Nature of the business: The very first store of this company called “the original Coles” continued running in Tasmania until January 2014.Coles Aquired John Connell Dickins in 1958 thus increasing theirpresence into food retailing. In laters years they had control of Beilbys chain and Matthews Thompson grocery stores.Coles Liquor group adicvision of a company dealing in liquor was established in 2004. This company along its way to current peka took hold of many such small entewrprises to emerrge as one of the leading supermarkets.comapny has its hand in fuel and convenience business. The company has changed its slogan many times signifying adapatation to change in maret trends.most popular slogans of compays were “You’ll find the best value is at Coles New World”, “save every day”, “Quality food costs less at Coles”. Such slogans have an effective impacyt on consumers towards their services. They took the help of popular shows in country Australian idol to popularix=ze their efforts with the campaign called “Down Down”.Current year Coles moved towards a new slogan “Good things are happening at Coles”. Thus company never loses an opportunity to boast its market presence and publicity with the help of modern means.subdivisiond of tge company are Liquorland vintagecellars, pick n pay hyper market, k mart, coles express and k mart tyres and auto services.They are also said to have inveted in footwear,womens fashion,diary and beef producing operations.
Around the globe there had been rapid rise in eE-commerece or more preciseky online selection and home delivery of products. the company yet seized the opportunity and founded Coles Online in 1999. The company went through sufferi g losses in initial years of the launch \, however in 2008 the it beared fruit when its website was renovated and they extended their delivery services to remote areas such as Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane and the Gold coast. Features such as comparison, building a basket for shopping list, filtering the products were added in in 2013. The company partnered with Uber to further improve their delivery services.
Governance Structure: Being a leading retailer in Australian market, coles supermarkets wishes to remain in its position and benefit its stakeholders. For this purpose it considers its olicie and governance structure a very important aspect. They must have responsive and open links to achieve their targets. In modern times need for fresh fruits and vegetables has increased rapidly which has transformed their grocery stores into supermarkets.The policies and reforms followed by coles are very organized than its competitors. The board comprises of nine directors of which eight are non-executives. key focuses of board includes Stratregic implementation for managements performance, examining the cash flow key metrics and credit ratings and financial positions,seeing the comapnys safety performance and inproving safety performance and enhancing workplace safety knowledge and revising policies and kjmproving system of corporate governanace for group.
Several governance policies are:
Code of Conduct: Principles such as honesty, integrirty fairness, and respect to conatribute sioccietys economic social and envirinmenatal asoects are committd deep inside the companys prospects. Their principle include bring hinest and fair, observing responsibilities of shareholders and financial market, managing conflicts of interest,avoiding misuse of resources and information system.
Whistleblower policy: coles supermarkets have committed to best nature of ethical behaviour in all business activities. Any dishonest fraudulent or corrupt activities are repoeted to directors, contractors or wuth the person who has busoness dealings.Any unethical breach in companys policies or snsafe work practises, harassment
Market disclosure Polixy: Coles ensures compliance with general and continuous disclosure organisation contained in ASX and corporation act 2011

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Reporting Structure: Responsibility for disclosure officer set out in Annexure E.\

Securities Trading Policy: to make sure that insider trading laws of Corporation Act 2001 ae in realtion to trading in securities by employees and director are not in accordance with market expectations.the policy stops directors and employees to deal with securities or with the insider information or passing the information to others.several additional restrictions are imposed on directors. Compliance with this policy is strictly followed.
Investors Engagement: the company knows the importance of providing the shareholders with up to date information of them. Commumnication between company and stake holders and media is encouraged and they must agree to continuous disclosure. Some Activities under Corporation Act Annexure A are Annual general meeting, annual review and report on sustainability report, report on financial information on half or quarterly basis,investors briefing day, and rsspomnding to debt investors queries rzised either in phone calls or emails.
Gender Diversity Policy: company makes the effort to eliminate discrimanination based on gender. They devise measures and strategies to achieven female represenatation at all levels.Some rmeasures adopted by company supporting an inclusive culture, enhancing recruitment method(hiring the best suited person) nad ensuring pay equity. Apart from these board should set representation target in relation to measurable objectives and each division must achieve targets set by the board against measurable objective.

Environment Policy: the purpose behind this policy is to set controls required for protecting natural habitat. Each unit is responsible for incorporating minimum standards, following environmental law and environmental conditions set by government. A commitment should be taken from everyone to identify, mitigate, and reporting risk to the environment and activities undertaken to control them. They must protect biodiversity associated with business. Company ensure that the suppliers adopt the control set by the laws for better environmental performance. Every divisional unit are asked to submit a report of environmental data annually in format prescribed by the Sustainability manager.

Conflicts of Interest Policy: Every director in the company must ensure that his personal interest doesn’t give rise to possibility of a conflict with another judiciary and statutory body. Every director must immediately disclose the conflict to company secretary in writing who shall notify the other directors of the confklict as sioon as practisale.
Role of corporate officers:

Addressing of risk

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