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Technology has altered man’s lifestyle and is continuing to make changes too. In fact there is no aspect in a person’s life that technology has not touched. However there is one area where technology made a significantly profound effect and that is in communication. The development of the internet is greatly affecting communication by making it more efficient and faster than our older methods of communication.
The different types of electronic gadgets available paired with the internet allows people to call, text, or speak with anyone anytime. The trend is “communication-on-the-go”. The availability of communication devices has also resulted to a shift in interpersonal relationships. Communication these days have become more virtual rather than personal and people are having stronger connections with their phones rather than the person at the end of the line. Speed is one of the best aspects of technology. We hear of what is happening around as soon as it happens through different forms of media which we have easy access to through the use of the internet.
Speed and accessibility can only lead to productivity. When you get things done in a snap it means you can get a lot of things done quicker too. Did you know that being productive has an effect on a person’s psyche? Being productive is important because a person will feel a sense of worth. Being proud of himself for accomplishing something is a boost to a person’s confidence. This just shows how technology can impact a person’s mental and emotional state too.

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