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Interactions, patterns, and social events are studied by Sociologists. They develop theories to attempt to explain why certain things work the way they do, socially. Theories do have levels in the type of issues sociologists want to study, for instance: Macro-level theories, which are large-scale problems that involve a numerous amount of people, while Micro-level theories seek the understanding of specific relationships between individuals or small groups. Then, there are Grad theories, which attempt to explain and understand large-scale relationships and give an answer to questions regarding to why society forms and why they change. Sociological theory constantly evolves and is never truly complete. Theories provide perspectives, which helps explains different aspects of social life, and are called Paradigms: Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interactionism. These three paradigms are philosophical and theoretical frameworks used to for and regulate theories, generalizations, and experiments that are performed to support them. The three paradigms have and will be the dominate sociological mindset because they can provide and give useful explanations.

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